Xysma - First & Magical 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Limited edition of 500 copies. With a bonus 12″ EP of pre-album recordings.

First and Magical was “a new magical beginning for Xysma”, as the band themselves put it. The most perfect amalgam of death metal and rocking stoner riffs, First and Magical may still be the crown jewel in all of their discography.

This new edition also features a second disc with the pre-production demo that has five tracks that at times sound quite different to what the band eventually recorded for the album.

“While composing ”First & Magical” we went, for the first time, to a world that was completely our own. We didn’t really realise it yet back then, but on ”First & Magical” there was a right kind of symbiosis between the influences and our own ideas,” states Pulli