XENTRIX - For Whose Advantage? LP (Black Vinyl)

XENTRIX - For Whose Advantage? LP (Black Vinyl)

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180 gram audiophile black vinyl.
Includes a double-sided insert.

The band's second full length is an excellent example of how UK thrash bands were on top of their game in the late 80's/early 90's (reanimator, acid reign, etc.). Although it isn't as fast paced as the previous release, this still has many strong points. Sounding somewhat like label mates Annihilator at the time, these guys delivered no joke, hands down thrash metal with lots of attitude. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Astley has one of the coolest gruff sounding voices I've ever heard, perhaps souding like cross between voivod's snake a little without the accent, and pete steel when he was in carnivore but that's kinda off because Astley is pretty damn original, and Kristian Harvard is a phenomenal lead guitarist. Dennis Gasser is too fast on drums, and Paul Mackenzie backs em up with strong bass riffing. One might say this particular album sounds somewhat like the aforementioned Annihilator, metallica, acid reign and late eighties megadeth a little, riff-wise only. Stand out songs would include 'for whose advantage', for the cool bass intro, 'the bitter end' for all the nicely executed change ups, and 'black embrace' for the pure energy it gives off. Plenty of non-stop fast paced riffs and drumming on these ones, but there's absolutely no room for fillers here though, just quality music through and through. My only reason for 97 instead of 100 is that it' so good it needed just one more song!

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