Witchtrap - Trap the Witch LP


Witchtrap’s sound throughout the years has been likened to early Teutonic thrash, like Sodom, Destruciton and Kreator. 2002′s Sorceress Bitch remains a favorite among the once burgeoning re-thrash movement (even though Witchtrap have been around since way before that). “The Devil’s on the Loose” certainly reflects the band’s rampant thrashing, with punchy riffing and vocalist/guitarist Burning Axe Ripper giving his best Mille Petrozza impression. It’s just as solid as the band’s early work, but where they strike gold this time is on “Sex Commander”, with it’s infectious riffing and ridiculously lewd lyrics. While they retain a bit of their trademark thrashing, especially during the bridges, the band brings a punkier, hooky vibe to the mix which just flows as the hilarious vocal lines set the stage for the most South American pickup song ever written.