Witchery ‎- Witchkrieg LP (Red vinyl)


Transparent red vinyl edition, 350 copies pressed. 

Witchkrieg takes some of the best from all the slight differences from previous albums and rolls it into a rollicking fun and hard hitting thrashing good time. With punching riff-oriented guitars that dabble in melancholic melodies occasionally, a wicked bass foundation, and sick drumming it’s hard not to love what Witchery have always brought to the table with their talented members.

Witchkrieg might be one of the best offerings that Witchery has yet to offer. Despite the chance it takes with all the little details that give the album quite a bit of variety, the energy and the sheer thrash will power of the album make it roll with every twist and turn. It’s a great addition to a solid catalog and a great start for a new era for the band.