WINTERFYLLETH - The Reckoning Dawn Gatefold 2-LP (Transparent Yellow Vinyl)

WINTERFYLLETH - The Reckoning Dawn Gatefold 2-LP (Transparent Yellow Vinyl)

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I'm annoyed that this managed to slip under my radar for so long. Winterfylleth are the band who rekindled my love of black metal back in 2011(ish), summing up - for me at least - exactly how an act of this sub-genre should sound. The Threnody Of Triumph quickly became one of my favourite black metal albums of all time and I have been closely following them ever since. Their fondness for ancient British history, connection to nature, and just being all-round nice guys are all factors which draw me in again and again. After 2016's misfire The Dark Hereafter, and the (frankly phenomenal) folky acoustic album The Hallowing Of Heirdom, it feels like so long since we had a full-on hour-long furiously grandiose experience from the English stalwarts. Does 2020's The Reckoning Dawn whet the appetites of those who have waited (im)patiently? Most certainly, and then some! Obviously it'll need time to settle, but this just might be their best album ever.

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