Winter - Into Darkness (Extended Edition) 2-LP Box (Black vinyl)


Fully printed outer slipcase box set limited to 400 copies on clear vinyl and 600 copies on black vinyl (this), also contains booklet of 32 page magazine of press cuttings and poster art. Each record is in its own single pocket sleeve with the original artwork.

* Spine of slip case titles the set 'Into Darkness - Extended Edition'.

The music is a classic Doom/Death album,

Like Celtic Frost but slower, and if it still as vital as it was when it was released.

The ultimate edition on vinyl! Housed in a heavy-duty slipcase, the package features a replica of Into Darkness LP with original cover layout, the demo Eternal Frost making its vinyl debut plus a thick magazine with Winter memorabilia. This version is on black vinyl and limited to 600 copies.

Perpetually out of print, much sought after and universally worshipped amongst those in the know, Winter’s Into Darkness was a game-changing classic.

Formed in New York circa 1988, Winter played slow, deep and hard nuclear doom with a crust punk rawness, that came across like Hellhammer jamming with Amebix. Their penchant for mammoth sized and funeral-paced, wasteland droning has become a touchstone reference for bands across the whole spectrum of underground metal.

Their pre-internet infamy led to Winter demos being tape- traded in hallowed adoration by fans and bands alike, gaining notable fans such as Fenriz from Darkthrone. Deserving of their special place in the pantheon of one-off classic albums, the Swans-like noise and down-tuned Earth-like riffs of Into Darkness went on to spawn countless doom and sludge bands, being an influence for an entire doomed generation.