Windhand/Satan's Satyrs ‎- Split LP (Black vinyl)


The split EP featuring WINDHAND and SATAN’S SATYRS, includes two infectiously droning doom songs by WINDHAND, clocking in at just over 20 minutes of fuzzy dissonance, while also including some fast paced, hard hitting metal, with a splash of punk for good measure. Both hailing from Virginia, the two have come together to create this fantastic album, under the watchful gaze and mixing expertise of Garret Morris. The monstrous duo has brought with them their own trademark sounds without clashing, despite the opposing genres they find themselves in. The transition from doom/stoner metal, into punk metal isn’t as harsh as one might expect, in fact, it’s refreshing to progress from slow and rhythmic guitar, into fast paced heavy metal.

SATAN’S SATYRS are bringing with them their classic punk metal sound, as it has evolved since their inception but stayed true to their roots, from their Die Screaming LP, into their Don’t Deliver Us album, now reaching bigger heights and sharing the EP with WINDHAND.