Werian - Animist 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Limitation: 300 copies includes download and poster
Comes as heavy 2x180g black vinyl edition in Gatefold sleeve printed on uncoated cardboard, with A2 poster on uncoated paper.

Featuring the unique black-and-white hand-drawn cover art was inked by Chadwick St. John.

The listening experience leads with atmosphere and develops a deep psychedelic wanderlust to the point of awe in the first two songs.

“Hex” is spellbinding whereas “Blade of Heresy” puppets the (in trance) listener’s senses towards introspection.

Where I feel the intoxication ring too far comes with the excess of “March Through Ruins”; The 17+ minute track is an experience in and of itself that doesn’t wield that same exact magic that’d relate it with with the seeming intended pair of the first two tracks.

It all works beautifully on this 45+ minute album but I felt myself eventually needing a mid-song break as “March Through Ruins” played.

The greater refinement and progression of this trio’s work from 2011 through 2019 is already remarkably well-shaped into this debut and though this creates wildly high expectation for a follow-up, I feel strong appreciation and connection with ‘Animist’ even when voiding my memory of the span of their career thus far. It is a fantastic full listen.