Vomiturition - A Leftover LP (Black vinyl)


Remastered for massive sound impact!

Much sought-after album of the lost Finnish Death Metal act Vomiturition re-worked for deluxe CD, vinyl and tape, finally available again finally!

Vomiturition is one of the better acts in the history of the genre, and it is such a pity they never reached higher levels of fame.
Started out around 1990 in Vaasa Finland and peaking on this album, after which they split up, with members later appearing in famous bands such as Nightwish, Rotten Sound and Wintersun. Their music is Death Metal at its absolute peak, close to being flawless. They could line up with such cult classics as Bolt Thrower and Dismember and get damn close to these classic acts. Being a release dating so far back in time, we talk about 1995, also adds more points of credibility to it’s “retro” status and the “trueness” of their music.

Guitars are tuned down pretty low giving the music a bone crushing abysmal feeling; heavy and devestating like Bolt Thrower’s “Mercenary”. Riffs are equally heavy and gloomy. A great variety of melodies and riffs throughout the album leave no room for boring or repetetive songs. This is a classic release full of Death Metal with all the classic things you look for when you are in the search of that “Old School Death Metal feel”.

The overal tempo is variated; from slow doomy parts that make you feel like the shadows of the underworld closing in on you, to maniac full on grinding, and sometimes all of this in the same track. All of this is pasted together with extreme accuracy and without any odd ends. It is all very much thought through and precise in its balance between darkness and hardness.

The production over-all is great, clean yet not crystal clear, adding even more feeling. A nice black curtain lays over the recording giving it that old mid 90’s Death Metal sound.

This is 100% Old School Death Metal!

For fans of: Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Necrophobic, Entombed, Necrophobic, Atheist, At The Gates