Vlad Tepes - Morte Lune CD


2014 re-issue remastered

First and foremost, this demo is the champion of production disasters. Everything on this demo beats Brenoritvrezorkre production, so that should say something. The sound is very, very buried and fuzzy, so if you do not possess a better walkman never dare to raise your eyes at this.
The bad production is a serious flaw for this, because it ruined really good tracks. La Morte Lune contained some of Tepes' fastest compositions. A perfect example is The Dark War, from the fast stuff, an excellent track, although it may be to a lot of people indecipherable. The lead guitars are amateurish, like on War Funeral March, but still catchy, and with a strangled, quacking sound. Yeah, they sound as if Vlad Tepes raped some electric duxxx. Meurtre was something different, more of an ambient torture track, something that often pisses me off at LLN. Nothing special, anyway. The crunchy vocals remained the same and amongst my favourite, even being buried in the black pile of riffs and hollow sounding drums.