Vital Remains - Into Cold Darkness LP (Black vinyl)


Vital Remains were such an obscured band with a raging fire burning in their hearts in these early days long before the arrival of Glen Benton, not to say those last two albums sucked, but the '90s were clearly a better time for Vital Remains. Vital Remains changed their slow musical style heard on Let us Pray and incorporated faster and heavier songwriting and for the first time in the band's career, blast-beats were introduced on this album. There's a stronger sense of brutality on Into Cold Darkness, but the music still allows a bit of slower, sinister atmospheric moments (the middle of the song Immortal Crusade for example) to enter the fast brutality of these songs. These slower atmospheric moments have a strong black metal influence too, turning everything from raging death metal chaos to this cold, darkness that will remind you of the atmosphere surrounding old Norwegian black metal bands.