VIO-LENCE - Eternal Nightmare Digipack 2-CD
VIO-LENCE - Eternal Nightmare Digipack 2-CD

VIO-LENCE - Eternal Nightmare Digipack 2-CD

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Released as a 6-panel Digipak with 6-page foldout booklet.
Newly remastered for 2022 by Patrick Engel.

This album should be on everyone's top thrash metal albums list. Its brilliancy cannot be overstated. This album is able to combine speed, chaos, occasional melody, brutality and musical mastery like no other band has ever been able to do so before. When I first listened to it, I was binging this album for several days, because I could not get enough of the chaos, the destruction, the aggression, and the overall hurricane this album puts you into. Everything is on purpose, and every single little or big detail has a specific goal on the album. No mistakes have been made by Vio-Lence when they wrote this masterpiece. Everything is as great as can be and even greater than I would have imagined an album can be.

To highlight a couple of songs is literally impossible because every song is just as strong as the other. The brutal, violent melodies of "Serial Killer", the mentally insane bridges and breaks of "Phobophobia", the unrelenting destruction and fury of "Eternal Nightmare" all provide a different shade of brilliancy. Put on the album, and fast forward it to anywhere throughout its length. It is going to sounds as if it just began, no matter which point you choose. That's how energetic and relentless the album is. Eternal Nightmare grabs the momentum with the opener and does not let go until the very end.

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