VINTERLAND - Welcome My Last Chapter LP (Black Vinyl)

VINTERLAND - Welcome My Last Chapter LP (Black Vinyl)

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Originally recorded during the winter in 1995.
Black vinyl.
Reverseboard jacket, includes printed inner sleeve.

If ever there was a perfect album, this one would have to be considered. I challenge anybody who doesn't like black metal to listen to this and not find something to enjoy. In fact, this album is alone responsible for finally opening my ears to black metal after over 10 years of derision. From the beautiful piano ballads like So Far Beyond to some of the most inspired mixtures of black/death/folk, this album blends together into a work of art from beginning to end. Even the production maintains that cold feeling of black metal without sounding like it was recorded in a metal shipping container. On top of the amazing songwriting, really the best that black metal (or blackened death metal) has to offer, there are these tortured and depressed vocals that fit the cold and desolate feel of the album perfectly. There are just layers upon layers of sound in the mix and nothing sounds out of place or over the top.

It's hard to really say much more which hasn't already been said by others. The similarities to early Dissection and other bands in that melodic black/death movement (Dawn, Sacramentum, etc) can't be ignored. The focus on melody is apparent and the majority of the album is more of an atmospheric/gloomy experience than typical black metal. There are a ton of memorable riffs, from the swaying folk leads of "Vinterskogen" to the blistering tremolos of "Our Dawn Of Glory," this album covers many territories and commands you to listen and love it. Bragman and Larsson make sure you know they're great guitarists and even better songwriters. No amount of great riffs can carry an album on their own though. Jonsson's drumming fills every range of the emotions and displays a wide array of technicality without overpowering the songs like more typical black metal drummers who focus too much on blasting and not enough on how they can compliment the riffs. There's nothing quite as satisfying as coming out of a blistering blast section into a good old death metal double-kick to headbang to your heart's content.

I'm very much proud to call this the best black metal album of all time and I highly doubt it could ever be topped. This album belongs in the collection of every true metal fan. It's a shame that it's not better known. Do anything you can to listen to it and pass it along to all of your friends. Vinterland deserve the recognition.

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