VILE - Depopulate LP (Black Vinyl)
VILE - Depopulate LP (Black Vinyl)

VILE - Depopulate LP (Black Vinyl)

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Vile’s crushing second album “Depopulate” is a modern classic in American Death Metal! On vinyl for the first time.

“Depopulate” is Vile’s second full-length record and has the best sound and album production to offer and doubtlessly 9 tracks of pure Death Metal. They expand well upon the New York style of metal pioneered by Immolation and others of their ilk-blending extreme technicality with understated technicality and a pinch of gore. A winning combination!

The talent of namely Colin Davis and company really strikes out at all levels in each track. Although hyper/technical the sound may seem - there are those real catchy riffs that will always make your day. Those sort of pieces which you keep on listening to on and on and wanna learn if you play an instrument. The drums by Tyson Jupin are completely flawless - the double bass work isvery impressive but the speed is a must for this style of music. Producer and vocalist Juan Urteaga has really got the gut and vocal chords giving the tracks an all-sick vocal work. Last but not least Colin Davis and second guitarist Aaron Strong have some brilliant talent. Out of all the death metal releases out from 2002, this is one of the best releases, just good old fashioned death metal with class.

Needed if you like: Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Nile, Immolation

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