Venom - Welcome To Hell 2-LP (Red vinyl)


Venom's Welcome To Hell, what can I say about this album that hasn’t been said before. Upon listening to Welcome To Hell, you can’t help not believe that these guys must have deliberately set out to provoke a lot of raised eyebrows and dropped jaws, as if to set the metal world on its fucking ear, to create product engineered to shock, both musically, vocally, and lyrically, perhaps feeling that the current heavy music scene needed a serious shake-up. I imagine this to be sort of like sneaking into a dance club, overtaking the DJ booth, and throwing on something like (insert your favorite extreme metal track here) and watching and enjoying the reaction and resulting chaos from the dance floor. This album and of course the band were so loud, dirty, and raw, they were irresistible, yet at the same time you cannot help but pick up the feeling that Venom were having a great time unleashing their pent up musical and lyrical debauchery as no one had ever done before them (note Cronos’ scream of ‘Whoooooo hooo!!' near the end of the first track, implying a party atmosphere).