Venom - Canadian Assault LP (Red vinyl)


For us record buyers back in the mid-80's, VENOM were looking more and more like a done deal after POSSESSED came out and all the poor ASSAULT releases started turing up. But every once in awhile, VENOM proved to us that they still had some serious metal to offer us. "Canadian Assault" is a half-live/half studio EP that offers some good stuff, although at this point most of it is available elsewhere. The studio side gives us VENOM classics "Warhead" (I love this slow grinder) "Woman" (profane!) and "Seven Gates Of Hell" (Slow and powerful). The live stuff is a bit less impressive due to a so-so sound job, but at least "Die Hard" and "Wlcome To Hell" sound decent. I know these ASSAULT records are very collectible these days, and newer VENOM fans might be willing to shell out big bucks to acquire them, but beware! They're often not all they're cracked up to be. But Canadian Assault is an exception to this rule, so if you can find one, GRAB IT!