VENDETTA - Brain Damage LP (Red Vinyl)
VENDETTA - Brain Damage LP (Red Vinyl)

VENDETTA - Brain Damage LP (Red Vinyl)

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Vendetta, Germany’s own technical thrash group with little applause for their first two albums. Brain Damage being the more popular of the two classic Vendetta albums, is also in my opinion the better of the two. With the catchy melodies exquisite guitar work & the overall good vibe of the album it’s a wonder these guys were an underground act.

For starters the production is flawless, the tracks are so clear & vivid, you can hear all instruments with epic clarity. The bass isn’t overdone, it’s right where it should be at a medium level of audibility. But this album isn’t as fast as their previous effort, I believe they slowed it down to bring up the technicality.

But the musicians themselves they are at the epitome of perfection, the coup de graw of riffage. All the riffs included in the album are memorable & extremely catchy. Another aspect of this that I enjoy is the melody, many of the choruses have these catchy harmonies that stick in your mind for days. As for the vocalist, he has this raspy voice that works along with the music quite well. The rhythm section is as great as the rest, it isn’t to distracting but it gives things a nice even flow.

To rap things up, Brain Damage is catchy, full of energy & a just plain ausome release, if you haven’t heard it, well you’ve screwed up & go & find a copy……..NOW!!!!

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