VED BUENS ENDE - Written In Waters Digipack CD
Ved Buens Ende

VED BUENS ENDE - Written In Waters Digipack CD

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Released in a 6-panel Digipak with a clear disc tray.

Black metal is truly a style that stands out from other genres of metal. Following the art school mentality of post-punk with a minimalist and raw emotional approach, Written in Waters also emphasizes a strong technical songwriting aspect that many depressive black metal bands do not have. The whole aura of the album feels like entering the disturbed minds of an insane asylum while the instrumentation is both intricate and controlled chaos. During this era also, many experimental black metal bands in Norway were overshadowed by bigger names. Only in the recent decade have these masterpieces began to receive more recognition.

The entire listen of Written in Waters seems seamless, ominous and unexpectedly delightful. Most moments on the album truly follow the "expect the unexpected" mentality with the wailing and distorted guitars. The vocals are by far my favourite element on the album as they are mournful, haunting and entirely clean which can be rare for a black metal album. The drumming is also extremely technical and brings to mind some of Hellhammer's and Faust's influences. Like the fellow Norwegian band, In the Woods... There is a distinct harmonious yet frightening atmosphere when the guitar tone and vocals crossover.

The album artwork also adds to the disturbing factor of the album, showing either mental torture or human depravity. The only two albums that come into mind when comparing the aesthetics and semiotics of Written in Waters, are the Cure's Pornography and Silencer's Death, Pierce Me. This album follows the depressive, burdensome and melancholic aspects of the Cure but has the extremely disturbing and mentally ill elements of Silencer, although more technical. All in all, an incredible discovery and one of my favourite albums up to date. Not an album to listen to where alcohol and emotions meet. Written in Waters is definitely one of black metal's best and unquestionable artworks. It is also an album that stands alone and is truly unique in its own craft.

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