Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters digi-CD


Re-issue 2018

This is a strange beast as far as black metal is concerned. Weird doesn't even begin to describe this album as it sets itself apart from so many others in so many ways. Ved Buens Ende wanted to take an unorthodox approach to their music and this includes everything from twisted and off-time rhythms that twist and wind around each other, a thick, prominent, and heavy bass guitar tone, and clean vocals melodically moaned to create a haunting atmosphere over the already bent and twisted rhythms of the instruments. These are all combined into one of the strangest, and most hypnotic and ghostly albums I have ever heard.

I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who enjoys black metal or unusual prog rock. This is one of several standout albums to come out of 1995 and it certainly stands out even among them. It is best listened to during the dark, when one is in the mood for games like Silent Hill or movies like Jacob's Ladder. Granted this is no horror album, but it unnerves just from the atmosphere and the fact that the riffs and tones stick with you even after only a listen or two. Get this album, it will bend the very neurons of your mind