Ved Buens Ende ‎- Those Who Caress The Pale LP (Black vinyl)


Sleeve printed on 300 gsm reverse side carton. Double sided insert printed on 140gsm offset paper.

“Those Who Caress the Pale" will always be seen as a sketch for something greater. The performances are looser than they would be on the album, as you might expect for a demo. It has more of a pure black metal vibe. The experimental and avant-garde elements that worked so well on "Written in Waters" had not yet bloomed here. The production is different; it has a colder guitar tone, the bass is quieter, the occasional keyboards are not as subtle. It lacks the same warmth. "Those Who Caress the Pale" would be considered a cult classic had "Written in Waters" not existed. Fans of the album have no reason to ignore it. Three of these songs appear nowhere else, and one of them is essential