Various Artists - In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To Bathory 2-LP (Clear vinyl)


The Track list basically says all, but a few customer reviews for the CD are worth mentioning:


When I first got this CD I was a little skeptical of the bands on here trying to master a Bathory song, but to my surprise these bands earned the title to be called "black metal" although Dark Funeral made their two covers sound exactley the same and Nefilhem’s sounds like they took a tape of the song and did kareoke. But all is not lost, Marduk pulls off an amazing cover of "In Conspiracy with Satan"... hell it sounds better than the original! Emperor lived up to their name in "Fine day to Die", Lord Belial took the crappy riffs AND vocals on "Sacrifice" and turned it into a wirlpool of ear crunching and violent vocals. Satyricon picked the eaisest song "Born for Burning" and did a fantastic job with it. So really, if you are a Bathory fan pick this cd up and see why Bathory is black metal.

Other black/death metal bands from the early eighties already had a tribute. And now Bathory is as well rewarded by this great production.

Bathory created a whole scene, now inspired by it’s raw and evil music.

The bands on this tribute reminds us it well.

I think any Black Metal fan should be aware of Bathory’s contribution to metal.

I was not in Black Metal when these albums came out.

But now, as a Black Metal fan and musician, I feel Bathory is something you must have in your collection because this is the root of Black Metal. And roots are what makes you stand still and not fall.

The performers are so good (Emperor, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Satyricon...) and the songs are among Bathory’s best.

A must have for any Bathory fan!

A must have compilation! If your into black metal then this cd is for you! Hail Quorthon! Bathory is the originator and founder of a lot of great music that inspires bands.


For fans of: Bathory