Various Artists - A Tribute to Bathory gatefold-2-LP Clear


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Side A:
1. Marduk - In Conspiracy With Satan
2. Ophthalamia - Sacrifice
3. Gehennah - Reaper
4. Dark Funeral - Equimanthorn
Side B:
5. Emperor - A Fine Day To Die
6. Lord Belial - Massacre
7. The Abyss - Armageddon
Side C:
8. Marduk - Woman Of Dark Desires
9. Nifelheim - Die In Fire
10. Necrophobic - Enter The Eternal Fire
11. Dark Funeral - Call From The Grave
Side D:
12. Sacramentum - 13 Candles
13. Unanimated - Raise The Dead
14. Satyricon - Born For Burning
15. War - War

• Bathory created a whole scene, now inspired by it’s raw and evil music.
• The bands on this tribute reminds us it well.
• I think any Black Metal fan should be aware of Bathory’s contribution to metal.
• I was not in Black Metal when these albums came out.
• But now, as a Black Metal fan and musician, I feel Bathory is something you must have in your collection because this is the
root of Black Metal. And roots are what makes you stand still and not fall.
• The performers are so good (Emperor, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Satyricon...) and the songs are among Bathory’s best.
• A must have for any Bathory fan!
• A must have compilation! If your into black metal then this cd is for you! Hail Quorthon! Bathory is the originator and
founder of a lot of great music that inspires bands.
For fans of: Bathory