Vargavinter - Frostfödd Digibook-CD


Deluxe re-issue in a cool digi-book.

There was a period in which I was totally fascinated by the Invasion Rec. bands and thanks to that label I also discovered several good albums. In this case, we are talking about the only album by one of the most obscure and forgotten realities in the Viking music panorama. It is hard to release just one album and be remembered, but Vargavinter should be in this case because the music here is very good.

When I first listened to this album I was astonished for the cold and dark burden of its notes. We are not talking about a common Viking black metal album. These guys really point to the core of the black metal with a hint of melody just to recreate frozen landscapes but the various chorus and strange melodies are almost completely forgotten. The guitars work is really immense and it sustains the cold atmosphere. For example, check the riff on the title track after two minutes from the beginning. Inside we can find folk and black influences and that’s great. There is also a violin sound but every instruments we generally use for the folk music is never too utilized and the atmosphere is from the electric guitars.