VALLENFYRE - Splinters LP (White Vinyl)
VALLENFYRE - Splinters LP (White Vinyl)

VALLENFYRE - Splinters LP (White Vinyl)

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Ltd. Edition Re-issue, 500 Copies
White vinyl, folded insert.

Only couple of weeks ago I learned that Vallenfyre split up mid 2018, which is such a bloody shame in my opinion, because I considered them to be one of the best bands around these days. Well, one day everything will end, but this end came far too early in my opinion, especially that "Fear Those Who Fear Him" was released only few months earlier. Anyway, Vallenfyre left three fantastic records behind and their second LP "Splinters" is the one I like the most. This album is simply amazing and close to perfection, it definitely is my favourite work from Gregor Mackintosh, whether we speak of Vallenfyre or any Paradise Lost album he ever composed.

I also have to say how much I like Greg's growls, he sounds like a beast, and not a happy one for sure! But it's amazing how he found his passion to play such old school death metal, especially when you compare it to what Paradise Lost has been playing for so many years now. “Splinters” sounds already like a classic record and to be fair, it probably is the best thing to come from British death metal scene ever since the early 90’s. Fuckin mandatory album!

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