VALIDOR - Full Triumphed LP (Transparent Red Vinyl)

VALIDOR - Full Triumphed LP (Transparent Red Vinyl)

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This album will take you to a long epic journey of valor, super heroes, bravery, vengeance and ancient gods and kings. This is the second album of the band and the sound evolution is more than apparent compared to their previous release.  The band itself dub their style as "blood metal" and trust me, you will find plenty of blood in here.

Strong and epic galloping riffs shall attack your ears with weirdly high-pitched vocals and screams that reveal the singer's endless passion as if he was told he will never live again. Melodic solos and intros make most of the songs memorable with sticky choruses. Actually, every single song deserves a special review, so it will be unfair to just mention two or three. The influences are obviously derived from the epicness of early Manowar, Iron Maiden, and Manilla Road with plenty of galloping, breathtaking riffs of the early Iced Earth era.

 Again, there are tones of thrashy riffs with leading melodies and short non-boring solos. Speed is a necessary element of almost every song. This album provides no shelter for the listener. It is only war and you are warned!

If you are searching for true, epic, power, speed metal, this surely can be an ideal album for you to buy. Do not expect a new aspect of metal. Do not expect innovative ideas that introduce you to a new level. This is just a simple and personal concept of professional absorption of various influences. This is how epic/power/speed metal should sound nowadays. Old school, but fresh.

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