Vader - Necrolust digi-MCD


Vader's Necrolust demo had a progressive and proficient start as a death-thrash act. Even though after this demo they already started to tweak their sound towards a more death metal entity. The Necrolust demo gives us quick raspy, whispered vocals, sped up thrashy guitars, and mid-paced thrash beats mixed in with blast beats; which was becoming a staple point with certain death metal groups. There was a lot that was changed from this demo to the next titled Morbid Reich, and even on their debut Ultimate Incantation. For one, the vocal style changed on all three releases, as well as different variations with the guitars and drum handy work.

The production has a clear and evenly mixed sound in a studio setting. It doesn't have a very thick aesthetic, but rather a raw quality. Besides the vocals having reverb attached to them, it sounds like a lot of the instruments are 'as is.' Meaning, whatever sound they had prior to recording them is what they sound like on the album. Overall, I've heard a lot worse coming from other bands and only so many better. So, no one is complaining. Because the music enclosed is worth the gander.