Vader - Litany CD


I'm pretty sure everybody knowns of Vader, an introduction of this Polish Death Metal band will not be discussed...the only thing you need to know is that they will tear your head apart with a very good DM album.

Right from the beginning of the first track you know what the album is gonna like and that my friend is a truly great Death Metal experience with tons of blast beats.

The vast majority of the album's drumming is blast beats and on the most part it contributes to the music, but if you don't like blast beats maybe this album isn't for you. The songs aren't melodic but they are crushing, the riffing isn't crunchy but the style suits the songs best and the vocals are very powerful in a strong deep voice type of way, not the overly gutteral vocals.

Here are a few stand out tracks that will fill that need for more good Death Metal: Xeper (with it's great opening riff), Litany (O God what an awesome song!), Forwards to Die!!! (great drumming)

My only complaint about this album is that the riffing is a little too much alike in most song, it's a single string playing (technique name? I don't know) but for some it might be a little repetive. Overall, this is a great album and will be enjoyed by the vast majority of any Death Metal fan.