Vader - Dark Age LP (Black vinyl)


This is the re-creation of Vader's debut "The Ultimate Incantation" specially prepared for the 25th anniversary of the album.

Recording information:

All songs for this album was rerecorded, re-mixed and re-mastered in Herz Studios in Białystok, Poland.
Songs: "Testimony", One Step to Salvation", "Demon's Wind" and "Breath Of Centuries" were recorded in 13-16th November 2017. Songs: "Dark Age", "Vicious Circle", "The Crucified Ones", "Final Massacre", "Chaos" and "Reign-Carrion" were recorded between July 2007 and March 2008 on the session for "XXV" album (originals avaiable on "XXV" album released by Regain Rec. in 2008) and now totally re-mixed, re-amped, and re-mastered exclusively for this "Dark Age" record. Vocal for songs "Final Massacre" and "Reign-Carrion" was new recorded, mixed and mastered. Song "Decapitated Saints" was recorded in April 2011 on the session for "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" (original available on "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" released by Nuclear Blast in 2011) and now exceprionally re-mixed, re-amped and remastered exclusively for this "Dark Age" record