Usurpress - Ordained LP (Grey/White vinyl)


Considering Daniel Ekeroth is the author of the genre’s bible, ‘Swedish Death Metal’, and expert historian on the genre, the 2012 debut of his band Usurpress, Trenches of the Netherworld was surprisingly mediocre. However, with the band’s second album he appears to have righted the ship, even if taking a little bit of a tangent.

Taking a page from the likes of Morbus Chron, Chapel of Disease, Horrendous, Tribulation, Stench and such, Usurpress has evolved and developed their sound into something a little more off kilter, psychedelic and sludgier than a mere Entombed/Dismember knock off, and it works very well.

The more twisty, shifty and jangly, looser sound works well thought still rooted in Ekeroth’s love. Some clean vocals, jazzy spurts, dreamy acoustics and doomy elements litter the Stockholm backbone, but all come together cohesively. And while some purist fans might repulse at such injections, if you took Morbus Chron‘s Sweven or Tribulation’s Formula’s of Death, both brave leaps in style from prior efforts, in stride, you’ll have no problem adapting to Ekeroth’s new found visage.