Urfaust - Eindsiedler CD


There are a number of things that make Urfaust such a unique band. Alongside bands such as Circle of Ouroborus, Urfaust are one of a few bands to offer their audience clean vocals, though these vocals are slightly shrieked for better affect. I’ve always been under the opinion that Willem is one of the better vocalists in the genre since he is prepared to experiment with his voice in order to achieve maximum success. Vocal experimentation hasn’t always gone down well with black metal fans. There is still a rife debate over whether Silencer’s Nattramn, for example, is a top vocalist, or whether his piercing high pitched shrieks are merely laughable. Black metal is a genre that doesn’t afford many slip-ups, especially in the vocal department. With bands from other genres, I find that the vocalist can have a limited appeal once the instrumentation is good enough for the both of them, but within this picky field, the vocals need to embody the emotion behind the music and I feel Willem does this successfully and without much effort given his natural flair for leading on the microphone.