Urfaust - Apparitions Digi-CD


Urfaust is a strange and multifaceted beast. Their shadowy and ineffable journey began somewhere between 2003 and 2004 as a dark ambient project, then evolved through several incarnations of bizarre black and doom metal, by way of neoclassical atmospheres, and occult psychedelic rock. If one cohesive factor has defined the Dutch duo, it is their devotion to creating pitch black atmospheres with a strong medieval flavor. Their latest offering is released as an EP, despite being almost 44 minutes long, and by all accords Apparitions will keep the ritualistic candles burning.

he amounts of pure ambiance, couple with the overwhelming length of “The River” makes it difficult to judge Apparitions out of context. For those who are unfamiliar with Urfaust, this would clearly be a daunting listening experience and a terrible place to start. As an EP meant to push the band’s atmospheric side as far as possible, however, Apparitions is a resounding success. The ghostly sounds and crushing melancholy throughout makes for some of Urfaust’s most sinister and moody work to date.