UNLEASHED - Before The Creation Of Time LP (White Vinyl)

UNLEASHED - Before The Creation Of Time LP (White Vinyl)

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Released on standard white vinyl, comes with 16-page 12“ booklet + A2 poster. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Includes "The Utter Dark" (3 songs), "...Revenge" (3 songs) demos and the complete Bielefeld recording session (7 songs) which contains songs from the "And The Laughter Has Died…" 7“ EP, the Century Media Promo Tape and songs from the Century Media compilation In The Eyes Of Death.
Remastered by Patrick Engel

Unleashed are a good example of a band whose best material is, ultimately, their first demo. "The Utter Dark" is savage and violent in a way that none of their other stuff can match. People who know the band's albums will be surprised by the ferocity of this demo. From the very beginning, Unleashed never strove for the typical 'Swedish' sound. They didn't record at Studio Sunlight. They didn't have clever melodies like Entombed or Dismember. The bands this demo most resembles are (early) Grave and Crematory, then buttressed with some Master/Deathstrike influences. "The Utter Dark" is some of the ugliest, most primitive stuff ever to emerge from Sweden.