UNDEATH - Lessons Of A Different Kind LP (Clear Dark Red & Purple w/Light Blue Splatter)

UNDEATH - Lessons Of A Different Kind LP (Clear Dark Red & Purple w/Light Blue Splatter)

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Undeath has become one of the staples of modern death metal, right from the get go when they released their first two demos back in 2019. I had them on my radar despite never getting around to that early material, but when the debut dropped a year later in 2020, I decided it would be a good time to give these Rochester lads a listen. Needless to say, they've remained consistent in my listening experiences with a handful of great songs on just this album alone.

"Lesions of a Different Kind" is dirty, dirty death metal with sick lyrics and vocals, powerful strings and thunderous drumming. The riffs are never too technical or overblown, remaining rather simplistic, but heavy at worst and downright devastating at their best. Tracks like "Acidic Twilight Visions," "Lord of the Grave" and "Phantasmal Festering" have some absolutely banging riffs, the first of which has become easily one of my favorite modern death metal songs. But, every song is drenched in disgust, complete with a putrid production that matches the nasty attitude of the music to a tee.

The vocals are dynamic, containing lows and highs and overlapping vocals at times which definitely bring more character into the music. The melodies played in songs like the aforementioned "Phantasmal Festering" are epic while remaining sinister, and don't come across as goofy or too playful. Undeath truly does have the best of all worlds… some melody, some brutality, some groove, some technical proficiency, all without coming across as a gimmick band.

There isn't much more to say about Undeath's debut record. It's just a fuckin' damn good slab of crushing death metal that I'm sure everyone remotely familiar with modern death metal has listened to at least once. And they're actually a relatively successful band with good reason for once. They keep it pure and old school while adding a modern touch to have diehard fans of the genre coming back for me. And they're from New York, so… I of course love that!

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