UNBOUNDED TERROR - Nest Of Affliction CD
Unbounded Terror

UNBOUNDED TERROR - Nest Of Affliction CD

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Alternate 2011 cover art

30th anniversary re-issue

Death metal was not really a new concept in 1990 if one was located in Florida, New York, or Brazil. The same could not be said for Spain, which saw a respectable but largely modest contribution to the earlier metal scenes the spawned in the previous decade. Thus any band seeking to recreate a sound that was largely unheard of in their respective locale could be viewed as quite brave, even if the necessary foundation had already been laid several years prior. Thus came to be one of said nation's first bona fide death metal bands in Unbounded Terror, one that comes off as highly traditional and safe when compared to what was typical in their day. Their 1992 debut LP Nest Of Affliction checks off all the necessary boxes for being a beast to be reckoned with despite its relatively late arrival, showcasing as much of a penchant for unfettered aggression and ugliness that any adherent to the style could muster, and even taking a few noteworthy liberties to further define their own sound against the backdrop of the other, more prominent scenes.

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