Ulver - Kveldssanger LP (Black vinyl)


High quality Gatefold deluxe, value for money !!!

Gatefold Sleeve on Heavy Stock 180 Gram Vinyl 
Special Vinyl Mastering (as in "Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997" box set 2014)
Includes 8-Page Inlay With Sheet Notes To The Song "Ulvsblakk"

Kveldssanger is simply perfection. Each track is a complete microcosm in itself, without indulgent filler. By the end of the album, one intuits a coherent narrative, a story the listener co-participates in. This is primeval storytelling, filled with tales of daring, sorrow, danger, and bliss. At times gentle as birdsong; at other times, violent landslides. This will be an album I can listen to decades from now. True music encompasses the eternal by not being time-bound; and this creation of sheer beauty soars far beyond both space and time.