Ulthar - Cosmovore CD


Ulthar's debut release Cosmovore is an eerie, cosmic horror vision made into sound.

First and foremost, this album is fantastic and I am absolutely down with it. The music is raw, with down-tuned instruments that give everything in their music a heavy, crushing atmosphere. And the music is so copacetic. There are so many hooks on this album that I hear and can honestly say that is exactly what I am looking for in a death metal release. This album is dark and groovy. This album sounds as though it could have came from a classic death metal band like Autopsy. And I really believe Ulthar has a lot of potential in the future.

The band itself is very talented. This can easily be seen throughout as every riff is filled to the brim with sweet death metal goodness that can be picked apart across multiple listens. There is a such a variety of musical elements used here. The tempo and structures are constantly changing. The band mixes in blistering thrash metal pace with a doom metal-like atmosphere at times, moving between fast, faster and moving back to slow. This really makes the album an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Blackened sounds add atmosphere on this album, providing a dark ambience to the tracks and changing the tone from the usual aggression and grit.