TULUS - Mysterion CD

TULUS - Mysterion CD

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Tracks 10 to 12 taken from "Midtvintermåne" demo

Mysterion might be their best release although their debut "Pure Black Energy" was already a blast. Finally we have a 2019 re-release of this classic on vinyl. Fast hateful Black Metal with an eerie atmosphere.

After a short intro we are getting into buisness in "Dommens fugl". Here you find what makes some of Tulus songs outstanding. An alternating combination of atmospheric riffs, dark choirs in the background and dissonant hateful Black Metal riffs. Unlike many Black Metal recordings of the 90s, the bass is clearly hearable throughout the whole record, which I really like. "Dommens fugl" is one of the highlights of the album and a good starting point to get an idea of the record. The choir in the background sounds like orthodox or Gregorian vocals giving the song a more mystic vibe.

What I really like is that the synths on this record are not over the top and stay in the background. With the exception of the mandatory 90s Black Metal synth instrumental, that sounds just cheesy. The third one "Gravstenskugge" is another aggressive track featuring some of these eerie synths. The riffs are often simple but mesmerizing, Black Metal that goes forward without any emotions besides hate.

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