Tulus - Biography Obscene CD


I have followed Tulus through thier original incarnation, all the way through thier tenure as Khold, and now the re-formed Tulus is back!! I know most people will be expecting more of the same from these guys, since they have been branded as a one-trick pony. Don't place your bets yet, metalheads, because this is one of the shockers of the year!!

Tulus(and Khold as well), have made a name for themselves by always being reliable. You can pick up any of thier albums and get some very groovy, Darkthrone inspired Black Metal. But on Biography Obscene these guys pull out all of the stops, and surprise the hell out of you! Shortly after the instrumental intro, simply titled "Prelude", come the surprises. "Natal Day" starts out as a mid-80's thrash stomper, then breaks down into a flamenco interlude. "Demise" slows things down a bit, and introduces a saxophone! Yes, I said a saxophone, and it sounds a lot better than you would think. It adds lots of dark atmosphere to an otherwise straightforward song. Then things get even weirder on "Biography Obscene", the vocals are double-tracked with a weird female voice, and the results kinda sound like the uber-cool Urfaust. The horns return in this title track, except this time it sound like a total barrage of them. Damn, this record just gets more interesting with every spin. Aside from the new elements, Tulus still has the ability to lock onto some of the best headbanging groove type riffs and pound them for all they are worth!