TROUBLE - Simple Mind Condition LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)
TROUBLE - Simple Mind Condition LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)

TROUBLE - Simple Mind Condition LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)

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Trouble’s 2007 convincing comeback album. Remastered and cut in DMM!

Limited to 300 copies.

Here we have Trouble returning with “Simple Mind Condition”, after a long hiatus (twelve years had passed since the release of “Plastic Green Head”), taking once more to the skies of metal. Some complaints and criticism followed upon its release which are not really fair. Although fat and doomy stomps as on “Psalm 9” and “The Skull” are not present in abundance, nor are the stoner metal speed assaults of the self-titled “Trouble”, but neither those have been present really since the self-titled came out. “Manic Frustration” was a killer album, no doubt, but different being focused on hard rock and not the doom and stoner influences. “Plastic Green Head” remedied this problem, to impressive standards and resulted in another great Trouble album. This album features songs that are well-written and have a lot of sludgy stoner hooks, and are drenched in Eric Wagner’s (R.I.P.) woe-is-me penmanship. Overall, a very good album, a convincing album worth your listening time. Those expecting the past could be a little bit disappointed, but those who will give the time to this album will find a hidden treasure in it.

• LP comes as a deluxe 180 grams audiophile vinyl

• Fully remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio

• This is Trouble, the legendary Metal band from Chicago

• Comeback album from 2007 recorded by producer Vince Wojno

You will like this album if you like: Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age

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