TROUBLE - Live in Stockholm MC
TROUBLE - Live in Stockholm MC
TROUBLE - Live in Stockholm MC

TROUBLE - Live in Stockholm MC

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Limited edition of 50 copies.

Live in Stockholm has Trouble riffing through a fantastic greatest hits setlist that will leave no fan untouched!

Trouble were invited by Leif Edling and Candlemass as special guests.
The MC release (on CD it is available as a bonus disc that we added to the remastered deluxe CD edition of “Simple Mind Condition”)
covers all 14 tracks the legendary Doom Metal pioneers played that evening, and by hearing Trouble in action you can hear where the band
leader of Candlemass, Leif Edling, was inspired.
The whole gig is 75 minutes, and the guys serve us the best (lets call it a “Greatest Hits” set) from their long career on a fantastic 2-LP.
Everything is played with an incredible passion and love for the music, and it’s really fun to hear the old Doom Metal icons on stage.
Eric Wagner didn’t move too so much, he mostly hung over his mic with shades and a cigarette, but that turned out great, because of his
amazing voice that was still intact.
The tracklist should speak for itself.

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