TROLL - Trollstorm Over Nidingjuv LP (Black Vinyl)

TROLL - Trollstorm Over Nidingjuv LP (Black Vinyl)

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Single Sided LP.

I can definitely say that "Trollstorms Over Nidingjuv" is one of my favorite materials from the mid 90's from Norway. Criminally forgotten nowadays, just like band's debut album "Drep de Kristne" (the title means Kill the Christians in English), this is supreme 90's Norwegian black metal and if you worship the very early recordings from Ancient, Dimmu Borgir or even Darkthrone, then also this band is for you. There's straight forward riffing, fast and relentless in "Over Daudens Kolde Mark" or more midpaced and majestic in "Trollstorms Over Nidingjuv", but however it is, it creates an astonishing, cold and misanthropic atmosphere, one which was and still is so damn hard to resist. Comparing "Trollstorms Over Nidingjuv" to the future Troll recordings, you won't find here any keyboards, but there's no feeling of emptiness, as the guitars play their leading role well enough.

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