TROLL - Drep De Kristne LP (Gold Vinyl)
TROLL - Drep De Kristne LP (Gold Vinyl)

TROLL - Drep De Kristne LP (Gold Vinyl)

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Gold Vinyl. Including double sided insert.

Wow, Nagash actually knows how to make Black Metal. How come this is amazing, but Nexus Polaris (form The Covenant) sucked so much ass?

Drep De Kristne is a semi-raw, atmospheric Black Metal band by Nagash, and it shows that back in the day, he actually KNEW how to make REAL Black Metal. Then he started making ridiculous Industrial Metal with The Kovenant -- and now even THIS band is an Industrialized "Black Metal" project. Troll has gone from Grim to $$$ in such a short time, it's sad.

Because this album is amazing. The guitars, the synth, the drums -- everything fits into key. Nagash took a rather polished direction (production-wise) with this album when he released it back in '96, the guitars having a nice, heavy crunch to them, and the drums blasting in behind them. The only overly dominating factor of these instruments in the mixing were the synthesizers, which are turned up a lot louder than most things.

I should say, however, that being Nagash was a prepubescent teenager when he recorded this/formed the band, his vocals suck, just as they always have, in my opinion. However, because the music is amazingly good, the vocals seem to fit in really well with the music -- Nagash sounds like a Troll. Irony? Maybe, but then again, it could have been done this way on purpose. The album IS about Christian-slaying Trolls.

All in all, this album is highly worth finding and highly recommended.

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