Triumvir Foul - Urine Of Abomination LP (Black vinyl)


Will you remember the experience? Yes, especially if you are still bound to the self-titled debut from the band and wanted a slight return to the specificity of their earlier death metal sound. Will you find many riffs to cling onto? No, this comes with less of the jogging post-Autopsy juggernaut style they began with and sticks to obscured forms that erupt as ‘Spiritual Bloodshed’ did, with great force and muscle but with an anti-musical fog persisting. I can recommend this EP primarily when considering the CD version, which includes the full ‘An Oath of Blood and Fire’ demo, but when taken as is I have some reservations as to how well ‘Urine of Abomination’ might age untouched on my shelf beyond an initial stroking of the compelling artwork. Moderately high recommendation, and definitely get the compact disc version if you don’t already have the 2014 demo. For preview I’d suggest “Urine of Abomination II” as my personal favorite set of riffs, though all four tracks are seamless and should be enjoyed in full context.