Triumvir Foul - Spiritual Bloodshed CD


Triumvir Foul managed to capture my attention with their solid “An Oath of Blood and Fire” EP from 2014. Now the time came for their debut full length album simply called “Triumvir Foul”, which Blood Harvest unleashed on CD and vinyl. I did have quite high expectations for this album, I need to say. But although I’ve played it several times already, I am still not sure quite yet what should I think of it. Triumvir Foul surely went a bit different path and did something different when compared to the content of “An Oath of Blood and Fire”. The 7”EP was pretty traditional to the bone, conventional and really archaic sounding death metal, which actually had strong inclinations of bands like Grotesque, Nihilist mixed in one cauldron with the ancient US death metal of Death, Autopsy and so on. For the full length album Triumvir Foul went a path of more eerie, murky and sepulchral sounding death / black metal. Sort of, at least. The album sounds different and none of the EP songs are here, so…