Tristania - Widow's Weeds 2-LP (Grey vinyl)


Perhaps it's the cold, almost desperate nature of it; but when you listen to it for the first few times, you REALLY have to listen to it. It's not a typical album. Widow's Weeds is unlike anything else out there. It's dark, haunting, otherworldly, beautiful, mesmerizing, dreamy, calming, unnerving, wild, perfect... It's really impossible not to love, after you penetrate the hard outer shell of it.

Tristania managed to create an unmatched, unrivalled piece of work; every track is well-balanced and well placed. The album flows flawlessly. The violins, the soaring voice of Vibeke stene, the buzzing guitars, the angry growling, the steady beating drums, the soft piano melodies, everything fits impeccably into it's place. Fans of gothic metal who have yet to hear Tristania's debut have not heard true gothic metal. The ambience, so masterfully fashioned by the band, seems to place the listener in an alternate reality, one of sadness and darkness and love and hate. 

Those who are interesting in an entirely unique listening experience, you have come to the right place. Tristania's Widow Weeds (or any of their starkly varied releases) is bound to impress, if given enough of a chance. Allow Tristania to re-invent music for you...