Triptykon - Melana Chasmata deluxe media book CD


Melana Chasmata is a mixture of hauntingly evocative melodies (vocal and otherwise), pulverizing doom, the occasional burst of traumatically brutal speed, and the dismal (in the best possible way) poetry of Thomas G. Warrior himself. It’s an enchanting combination in all its forms – sorrowful harmonies and delicate vocals seem to float atop crippling doom riffs in “Boleskine House” in one place whilst “Breathing” flattens all before it with nihilistic roars and pounding drums. Dense and suffocating in one place, the music opens up and displays beautiful, if mournful, melodies in another. Make no mistake, this isn't feelgood music – the preoccupation with death and darkness is a prevalent as it ever has been anywhere within Thomas’s career (apart from “cold lake”, which truly does make you want to kill yourself). This is a fantastic example of the beauty that can exist within ugly music.