TOXIK - Think This LP (White Vinyl)

TOXIK - Think This LP (White Vinyl)

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There are very few albums I have ever heard, metal or otherwise, that I could say were perfect, flawless albums. This is simply because, in my mind, in order for something to be perfect, it not only has to have stellar musicianship, great songs, and interesting concepts, but it has to have something that makes it stand out from other similiar bands in whatever that genre would happen to be. Toxik's think this not only fits this criteria, it goes way beyond it.

The first thing I want to say about this album is this: if you have heard their first album World Circus, you know that it's a pretty damn good metal album. However, Think This is so much better than even that that it isn't even comparable!

The concept of this album kicks ass. It's all about government corruption, the population being brainwashed by the media, and corporate lies being disguised as morality. Some of the ideas in these lyrics were pretty ahead of their time, but when you listen to the album now, it's pretty alarming how much it describes the mess of a society America has become in the modern day. Everything is well thought out, intelligent and intellectual, and thought provoking.

The music itself also kicks ass. It's really hard to describe because there isn't any other album that sounds like this, but I guess the best description would be saying this album sounds like Anthrax and Rush had a very beautiful baby, and that baby is this album. The drumming is like a cross between Neal Peart and Dave Lombardo, the riffs are awesome, Josh Christian's neo-classical styled guitar soloing is absolutely brilliant, and the vocals are awesome. The movements (yeah, movements, that's how complex this is) in the songs are interesting and well done, which definitely, like the guitar soloing, shows neo-classical influence, as well as prog influence, and the instrumental breakdowns in some of the songs are INSANE. The only breaks in this are "There Stood the Fence", which I guess is this band's idea of a power ballad (without the cheese factor) and a cover of "Out on the Tiles" by Led Zeppelin which is pretty much faithful to the original song.

This is an album that you have to listen to a few times before you can truly grasp exactly how good it is. The first time I listened to it, I was absolutely blown away by it. Subsequent listens have made me enjoy the album even more. This is highly recommended for fans of thrash metal, progressive rock, or even just people who like music that is a bit different from the norm.

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