Toxic Shock ‎- Twentylastcentury Digi-CD


Nuclear Assault? Dr. Living Dead? Suicidal Tendencies? If you like to dwell within this triangle, Toxic Shock from Belgium could be the band you have been waiting for. The dudes combine a very stable thrash fundament with less usual elements. A little bit cyco, a little bit cyber and now close the cycle? Not so fast! Toxic Shock's output commutes between "real" metal and more punk-influenced tunes. "Iceberg" mirrors the heavy metal affinity, "Great Great Gift" with its gang-shouts depicts the punk genes and pieces like "Serpent's Tongue" lie somewhere in between. This mixture gives the material a pretty heterogeneous touch, but this is not at the expense of quality. The guys from Flanders are able to manage all stylistic challenges. It comes therefore as no surprise that the highlights cover the different approaches without exception.