Toxic Holocaust ‎– Conjure And Command -CD


Toxic Holocaust is undoubtedly one of the top bands of this tragedy called the New Wave of Thrash Metal. As much as I love thrash metal, I also love originality, and in the vast majority of these bands, very little is found. That's not to say these people aren't talented musicians, I just feel bands are using this NWOTM gimmick and not putting forth much of an effort as a real act. And that's what makes bands like Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, Skeletonwitch, Evile, Diamond Plate, and Vektor so special to me. They advance their sound and never seem to use the retro scene as a stepping stone. They just play and make some damn good music.

Amongst these, Toxic Holocaust holds a special place in my heart. I have always respected Joel Grind not only for his punk rock attitude, but also for his drive to do it on his own. Not waiting for others to hop on board but actually recording whole albums himself. That is dedication, and in my opinion Toxic Holocaust has done nothing but get better as they went along. Conjure and Command is my favorite effort to date. It offers a more varied track list musically and better lyrics in my opinion. Each song holds its identity among the rest. I never caught myself asking if I had accidentally went back a few tracks. They are all different in one way or another.
Joel's vocals hold a different sound then on any previous album. They are not too far off those from Overdose of Death, but they are harsher here. They are more strained, but also have a more natural sound and are closer to his live performance sound, which is good. Overall, this album has a far better production then Overdose had.

I found myself enjoying this album the whole way from front to back. My favorite tracks were Bitch, Red Winter, and Nowhere to Run. The only songs that seem lacking are Sound the Charge and Judgement Awaits You. Just bad picks to start and end the album. I Am Disease was a bit hard for me to get into. I admit that the first time I heard it I hated it. It wasn't Toxic Holocaust to me. But the more I listen to it the more I like it. It's among the many good tracks on this album. I would recommend this album to any metal fan and I'm sure they'd enjoy it. Even friends that weren't Toxic Holocaust fans liked this album. Hope this review manages to help somebody into making a good purchase on a truly great album.