TOTENGOTT - Beyond The Veil LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl) (Pre-order)
TOTENGOTT - Beyond The Veil LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl) (Pre-order)

TOTENGOTT - Beyond The Veil LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl) (Pre-order)

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Release-date: July 12th 2024, shopping early July 2024.

This LP version on Transparent Orange Vinyl is limited to 200 copies, in a quality sleeve with insert in a plastic protection sleeve. We will add a A2 size poster to your order as long as stock lasts.

Dive into Totengott’s dark and genre-defying sound in “Beyond the Veil”.
A heavy, melodic journey that shatters expectations and redefines extreme metal!

Appearing in the middle of the currently predictable and monochrome metal scene, Totengott is formed by three experienced musicians with the aim to release the darkest songs that they are able to write and to claim the importance of evil and morbidity of compositions above technique and rawness above demonstration.

Being a difficult band to be “tagged”, Totengott can be introduced as an Occult Metal trio with Doom/Death Metal influences but without leaving other genres aside such as Thrash, Gothic or Ambient.

From a musical and philosophical perspective, the band drinks from sources like the heaviest side of Celtic Frost, the raw and epic side of Bathory, the atonality of Kryzstof
Penderecki, the sonic gravity of Conan and the texture experimentation of early Pink Floyd.

“Beyond the Veil” takes the best elements and lessons learnt from their first two albums and push them to the limit, “Beyond the Veil” is ambitious, dark and heavy.

Seven songs in about 45 minutes of music in which the band embraces the unknown and blends low end guitars with epic orchestrations,

Death/Thrash whiplash songs that would dazzle old school metal listeners with multi layered choir vocals, takes risks and explores Dark Wave, Ambient, ethnic and even classical genres.

• “Beyond the Veil” confirms all the expectations created with their first albums, a mature record that shows an experienced band in its prime inspiration.
• Mixed by Javier Felez at Moontower Studios (Altarage,  Foscor, Avulsed, Hitten)
• Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Sólstafir, Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Ghost, Ulver, Opeth, Mayhem)
• Guest appearances by Eric Forrest (Voivod, E-Force), JF Fiar (Graveyard, Foscor,) and Marija Krstevska (Drioma)
• Epic artwork by Khaos Diktator Design (Gaerea, Spectrum Mortis, Saor)
• Totengott has shared stage or line-up with bands such as Judas Priest, Sepultura, Opeth, Obituary, Sodom, Suffocation, Master and many others!
• Totengott preached their musical philosophy widely in the Spanish and European stages and being part of well-known festivals such as SWR Barroselas Fest (Portugal), Resurrection Fest, Otero Brutal Fest, Mutant Fest, Wolfest, Vidiago Rock and more!

For fans of: Celtic Frost, Obituary, Winter, Bathory, Conan.